Wednesday, May 24, 2017


While browsing and doing some research for my latest project, I came across some classic stuff... it was the original costume of Marvel's Black Widow [aka Natasha Romanov], which dates back to the 1960s. I also got to see Ironman's classic costume, which looked like some sort of bulky deep-sea diver's armor that was colored bright red and yellow to scare away the sharks :)

Now on the leftward cover of "Tales of Suspense #53 featuring Ironman", I'm not sure if the Black Widow is using her mystical levitation powers, or some sort of electro-magnetism; but she appears to be tossing huge Tanks at Ironman - must be one of those hidden lethal powers that she has.

Nothing wrong with those classic designs, its just interesting to observe the changing fashion trends, shown over several decades. Truthfully, things like skinny jeans, bell-bottom pants and the like, have a habit of popping up every few decades, so that the young people rush to buy them as the latest cool fashion trends. But I have a strong feeling that Marvel is never going to launch a Black Widow comic in the future, in which they feature her with those heavy grandma-styled panties, shown on the right.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Today I'll be sharing some exclusive fan art with you guys. And it features the characters created roughly 28 years ago [back in 1989] by the Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama. I'm referring to the Dragon Ball Z creator. And these characters are the classic Super Saiyan rivals, who later became friends: Goku and Vegeta.

Back in the day, before I got to college, I did follow the DragonBall Z saga [right past the "Cell battles" and up till the end of the "Majin Boo saga"]. But I really didn't keep up with the newer DragonBall Super anime series, and I haven't watched most of the cartoon movies. I heard that the newer series was not that interesting, but that's a tale for another day.


Vegeta [on the right] has always been second to Goku [on the left], in terms of their comparative power ranking. And while Goku is a goodhearted Superman type of guy, Vegeta is the badass anti-hero, the villain who the fans loved to hate, until he turned good - but he still had a proud chip on his shoulder, since he was a Saiyan Prince back on his former planet.

Anyway, DBZ is very significant to me, because along with Star Wars, it helped to inspire me in creating my DSNG Techpunk Universe; simply because my super-soldier characters like Prince Azzar, Vince and Yatalia all exhibit diverse superhuman abilities.

Levitation is almost standard for my characters that hail from planet Avera [one of the seven major planets in my Makuran Galaxy]. But the good guys are capable of projecting diverse energy beams, along with displaying other unique gifts. And my DSNG villains have special powers as well.

Back in 2013, when I launched the ebook DSNG Book 9 over at Amazon, I created a blog article that talked about it, and that article showed off some of the Top the villains over HERE. But honestly there are over 500 characters in the DSNG universe, since I've been writing and drawing this stuff as sketches since 1999. And at this point, DSNG is up to 17 ebooks, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon...

Anyway, have a great week and remember to share the DBZ art with your buddies on Twitter / Facebook etc!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


All right today we will look at another custom action figure. And after two months, I’ve finally completed her. She's Killer Frost from DC Comics!!!
This particular character design is from the animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham, which was released back in 2014. That cartoon movie was a sort of prequel to the Suicide Squad movie that was released in 2016, since it featured several characters including Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and a few others.

Honestly Killer Frost [ aka Ms. Louise Lincoln ] was my fav character in the cartoon movie and she’s one of my Top 5 DC Comics characters. Of course Batman, Supes, Harley are in that same list. But I’m really picky about which characters from DC that I really Really like. Killer Frost is a femme fatale and she’s not really a Goth chick, she fits more into the Punk Rock category in my opinion.

She has ice powers and she has the ability to absorb heat from external sources and transmute it into waves of cold. And she actually displayed a frosty "kiss of death" in the cartoon movie.

Anyway, I was inspired by the work of another customizer named Anthony’s Customs, who is on Youtube and Facebook. He created his version of Killer Frost back in 2015, and its one of my fav works that he’s ever done.

The base figure that I used is Marvel Legends Captain Marvel [Carol Danvers, shown over Here]. And I had to use putty to sculpt her black lines, and her boobs and booty. And her hair was fully sculpted - so it's hard, and it doesn’t move. The ice spike that I created for her hand was based on the semi-transparent "energy fist effect" that ca,e with the Captain marvel toy. I had to sculpt some sharp points for the spike and them glue them to the top o the energy fist effect. And then I painted the whole thing white and added two shades of blue as highlights. She can stand on her own, but I used the "House of M" toy stand just to aid with balance, as I spun her around for the pics.
The last pic of Killer Frost below is made from screenshots from the Assault on Arkham cartoon movie, in the scene that she was getting dressed.


FYI You may have to click on the word-link below that says "Older Posts" to see more pics from the blog archives!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


All right, today I'll be presenting the second part of the recent gallery featuring the Custom Domino toy, along with a custom Cable. The Deadpool figure was standard [straight out of the box], although I did repaint his 0.45-inch caliber handguns, but that was pretty much all I did, beyond adjusting his limbs.

The original article that shows the gallery of the Marvel Legends Domino toy is over Here.
As for Cable, he is the futuristic time-traveling leader of the X-force team [which Deadpool and Domino are known to work within, along with other mutants / X-men].
And I repainted and modified Cable's standard guns [the two large ones that he holds in his hands]. Plus I added two more guns to his frame [one is a rocket launcher taken from Deadpool and the other is from the Gears of War toyline]. Plus I added a dagger to his right hip from the Nuke toy, while I added a "stone-wash effect" to his blue pants.



During the photoshoot, there was a "piggyback riding experiment" that I tried with this dynamic trio... and to my surprise, it actually worked. During the modifying stage, after adding the thick strap across Cable's chest and the bandanna over his mouth, I also reinforced the boots of Cable, and all of the shiny silver parts on him were additions that I made with putty [I use the Milliputt brand]. And I repainted those additions with acrylic silver, shown in his boots, his belt, his right gauntlet and his left shoulder pad.
Thus with the larger boot heels, Cable was able to stand and hold Deadpool's weight, without any toy stand supporting the big guy. He even got to carry Domino as well! 


Figured I should also add this joke pic from the photoshoot... just imagine what Deadpool had to say, when he saw Domino riding the big guy as well, a few minutes later. ...Anyway that's all for now. Stay tuned for more! And follow me on Facebook  where I past most of my updates HERE!
And Part 1 of this article is over Here!


FYI You may have to click on the word-link below that says "Older Posts" to see more pics from the blog archives!

Saturday, April 1, 2017


I recently created a Domino Custom toy, based on the female Marvel Legends Captain Marvel frame. A few close pals have seen teasers of this project. And now, after completion and cleaning up the rest of the batch of pics in Photoshop, I decided to share them with everyone.

The classic Marvel Legends Epic Heroes Domino toy that dates back to 2002 isn’t a very good looking figure [even though it came with a lot of cool guns], and the current Marvel Legends line is yet to revamp Domino. Thus a lot of customizers have been making their versions of her, over the years.

This pic series will be divided into two articles, since there are almost 30 images. The first article, this one, will feature only Domino, and the second set will feature Domino, Cable and Deadpool.

Created back in 1992, Domino, whose real name is Neena Thurman, is a sexy gunslinger / merc. And she has probability altering / jinxing powers, which help to survive in a fight against all odds… it’s like the dice is always rolled in her favor at the end of the day, regardless of how beat-up & battered she gets. As a super hero, she was created as a result of a failed attempt to duplicate the Captain America super-soldier serum… I think. In terms of her appearance, she has black hair and white skin [the permanent results of the experimentation upon her entire body]. And she has a distinct birthmark placed over her left eye, like a large oval dot. And truthfully, she is a Gothic character… just like Batman is Gothic character [just face the facts guys: Batman wears grey & black, he thrives in darkness, he has black hair and he constantly works underground in a dark cave filled with black vehicles, extra dark costumes, black bat-weapons and diverse combat relics].

Anyway, as a team-based character, Domino has been linked to the X-Force team, along with Cable [the initial team leader], Deadpool, Fantomex, Warpath, Psylocke, Puck, Wolfsbane, Bishop, Archangel, Wolverine and others [the roster has changed a lot from the 1990s to the 2000s]. In terms of romance, she’s been linked to Wolverine, Cable and Colossus. But in general, Domino is almost like a loner.

This Domino custom toy used some modified accessories from a Nick Fury toy [her gun holster and two of her smaller handguns, along with the machinegun added to her back via a magnet]. Her two larger handguns, which looks like 0.45-inch caliber guns, came from an extra Deadpool toy that I had. And her upheld right-hand machinegun came from a Scourge toy, while her grasped left-hand semiautomatic Mack10 handgun was custom made. The dagger located down at her boot was from the Deadpool toy as well, but I had to make the custom dagger’s holster and the two custom gun holsters that are glued to her hips.


 The skin-tone of her body was made from Vallejo Model Air Light Sea Blue paint, heavily mixed with plain White paint. I didn’t want to paint her skin just plain white, since I figured that a very light-blue skin-tone would allow for “white highlight camera flashes” when the photo session takes place.



And her hair was given some dark-blue highlights. Speaking of her hair, I sculpted her curved / swirling hair strands on top of the standard Carol Danvers hair [which was short and blonde], before I painted it with a base-coat of Tamiya Black paint. Her belt and belt accessories were all custom made, while  her boots were from the Mockingbird toy, although I sculpted over them and added more straps & details. And I glued the final gun holster onto her right boot.

As usual, I upgraded her features, so my Domino is thicker / more busty than the standard mold. I was inspired by a variety of costumes and other toy customs made by some artists that I respect, and I like how this action figure turned out.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more, coming later this week!

Edit: Part 2 of this gallery with more of Deadpool and Cable is over Here!

FYI You may have to click on the word-link below that says "Older Posts" to see more pics from the blog archives!




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