Tuesday, January 17, 2017


All right guys, in my opinion this was $19 well spent, doing something that entertained the hell out of me. As my hobby, I usually customize and repaint certain Transformers toys, rather than action figures. But recently I decided to grab a Black Cat toy from the Marvel Legends /  Edge of Spider-verse toy line that was launched back in 2014 from Marvel.
And she was already shapely per the toy mold; but I repainted her with a darker gloss black and I painted her gloves and boots with a brighter acrylic white - as shown on the left. But before repainting her, with some blue putty, I gave her a bigger butt. Because I can. LOL.

Anyway, here a are a few before and after pics. In my memory, Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat was best portrayed back in the 90s Spiderman cartoon. As a rich heiress that was transformed by the same super-soldier serum that created Captain America, the Black Cat was a sexy femme fatale and she had a crush on Peter Parker. And Peter [Spiderman] always seemed to be a bit too timid & geeky to take full advantage of the opportunity with the hot blonde Felicia, maybe because he was still hooked on the sexy red-headed girl-next-door, Mary Jane Watson; or maybe it was his lingering emotional link to the late Gwen Stacey [who later became SpiderGwen in an alternate reality / timeline].
But in my toy timeline, Spidey is obsessed with Felicia.... and with dat ass :)
Anyway, enjoy the pics.




Some people can recall the old summer jam from 2002 titled "It's getting hot in here", by the rapper Nelly... figured it would fit as the song that Spidey and Black Cat were listening to, during the photoshoot.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Happy New Year to all the DSNG Fans!!!!!
Today I'll show a group of five Transformers [with two different Bumblebee molds], in a Mexican standoff. I've shown most of them before, except for Hardhead [the green guy] and Brainstorm [the blue jet-looking guy]. They've all been customized in one form or another. My custom metallic blue guy, Turbo Blitz, was a repaint and a heavy modification of the Fall Of Cybertron Sideswipe. And I posted that article over Here.

Brainstorm was fully recolored, while Hardhead had a host of silver accents added to his frame, along with the custom cannon mounted on his back. And I drilled a hole in the left side of his backpack, allowing him to hold an extra upright cannon that was borrowed & recolored from the TF Generations Roadbuster. The two handguns held by Hardhead were from a guy at

The red & black Striker Bumblebee [a repainted model] was from the Robots In Disguise toyline and the former article on him is over Here.
And the  yellow Beast Hunters Bumblebee was touched up with silver and black paint. His two heavy guns are from The "Dr. Wu" line of Optimus Prime blasters. I actually like this guy and he has a way of shinning amidst his peers; so he was used as a center piece for the Mexican standoff.
Per their size and layout, the last four pics can be used as custom Transformers toy wallpapers.

Now check out the cool gallery!




Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Here is a custom paint job that I did for the Transformers Generations Leader Class Jetfire toy. It was completely white when I started, as you can see in the "Before" image, shown on the right side. I decided to go with the "Captain America Patriotic" color scheme. And I utilized sharpie markers and acrylic paints. But amidst my coloring, I left his back predominantly white, so that he can still transform into the white F22 raptor jet. And I added some small cut-out plastic pieces, which were colored as yellow lights on his chest, and also as emblems glued onto his forearms and his shins. Although his backpack is rather heavy, he can stand with no problem. But I may add some putty later into the base of his feet, in order to make him more stable.

He has some extra Gundam fin-wings [red and white colored], added to his regular wings on his back. He did come with several weapons and the twin shinny-red blaster cannons attached on his back, in the center. But I also added several Gundam weapons [the long black back-cannons], plus compact gatling gun weapons from some of the third party Iron Factory sets. The gun in his left hand is a custom combo of various weapons. I often tag these kitbash / custom toys with the tag of Gundamformers, and this is why....



That last pic shows a comparison between this Jetfire toy and the custom Leader Class Battle Mode Ultra Magnus, from the TF Combiner Wars line. I've done an article on the Battle Magnus toy before. I gave him some custom weapons and repainted him from his powder-blue and white form... and that article is over Here!

Monday, December 12, 2016


Today we'll look at a fun / basic customizing project. Those familiar with the Transformers Robots in Disguise [RID] cartoon series know that it was extremely watered-down and somewhat diminished,  in comparison to the 3D art style and the story telling that was presented in the previous Transformers Prime cartoon series.

Anyway, this simple yellow toy, the Night Ops Bumblebee that costs like $12 on ebay, came from the RID toyline. And it looked a bit too short, for my tastes, so I decided to cut it in half and make it taller with putty and other plastic layers. Of course that modification altered his transformation ability, but I usually don't care about that stuff; I make my customs for display as upright figures in their robot modes, so it was all right in my mind. And it turned out to be better than I thought!

I recolored him with a candy / gloss red from the Tamiya X27 paint bottle, and I also used black sharpies to create a gloss layer upon his dark panels. Plus a silver metallic sharpie was used for his torso / gut, his feet and his thighs. And I used a lot of white-colored cut-out 0.040-inch-thick plastruct styrene pieces to enhance his body armor, before coloring those panels red. And the pointless four holes placed by the toymakers on his crotch area was covered by a small cut-out panel, which I also painted silver.
The yellow "vehicle headlight" emblems found on his left and right upper biceps were also made of white colored plastic, before I painted them yellow. And his blue sword was painted white as an undercoat [with white paint bought from Home Depot, which comes with an in-mixed Primer], before I started coloring the sword with silver, gold and bronze sharpie markers.

Additionally, I made an arm-blade for him [using the same plastruct material that I mentioned above], while copying the concept of the blade from Optimus Prime. And his hefty blaster cannon came from the Combiner Wars Leader Class Skywarp toy [which comes with roughly 6 weapons that can be used in a variety of ways with other TF toys].
Check out the cool pics of Striker Bumblebee below!







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